A Tribute

When Dr. Light at SHANDS Pediatrics ER told me that we have come to the right place, I didn’t know the importance of that statement. Little did I realize that our life is about to change or that I am about to join the elite group of people who have the privilege of being acquainted with a wonderful personality. Dr. David Weinstein, a Professor in the department of pediatrics in the College of Medicine at University of Florida is a GSD (Glycogen Storage Disease) expert. He is the Director of GSD Program at UF. My son has been diagnosed with GSD.

I have met a lot of doctors, many of them considered to be very good. But I have never met a more down to earth person like Dr. Weinstein.  He has made the lives of children around the world better.  But this is not the only reason that these kids adore him. He lends his heart and soul to this noble profession. He also spares time to get close to the child’s heart.

Not many of us know how our body functions. But he makes sure that you are not left out when he discusses your child with his fellow doctors. He doesn’t speak Greek and Latin.  He makes you comfortable.

Always with a smile, he is ready to answer the stupidest question you can think of. He understands you as a parent.

The more I get to know him, the more my admiration for him grows. Can someone with so many credits be so soft spoken and not be so famous?  People outside the GSD circle barely know him. My son’s pediatrician who is a UF alumnus had never heard of him. Let us spread the word about him and educate the world about GSD as a tribute to him.